Special Trophies 2019 – Chapman Valley Show

Shire of Chapman Valley Perpetual Cup Jupp Family
For the Exhibitor securing the highest aggregate points in all sections of the show.
Tony & Kerrie Carr Trophy Aileen Jupp
Runner up to the Shire of Chapman Valley Perpetual Cup. The exhibitor with the 2nd highest points overall
Joan Potts Memorial Trophy Jupp Family
To be awarded to the exhibitor gaining highest points in the Main Exhibition Hall.
Mr LP Digger Cooper Trophy G&M Armstrong
To be awarded to the exhibitor with the highest points Agricultural Section.
Mr RJ Jim Scott Memorial Trophy DN & JR Bridgeman
To be awarded to the exhibitor gaining highest points in Sheep & Wool sections.
CJ Stokes & Son Trophy Aileen Jupp
To be awarded to ONE EXHIBITOR gaining Highest points by ONE EXHIBITOR
McCagh Family Trophy
To be awarded to the exhibitor gaining highest points overall in Children sections. Georgia Crothers & Matilda Patten
Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Commemorative Perpetual

Most Successful rider in all Ring Events.

Lilly Piesse


2019 Trophy Prizes Winner 2019
A & D Mackay Trophy – Most Outstanding Container of Flowers Matilda Patten
AB & MK Warr Trophy – Champion Show Hunter Susan Seward
Activewest Trophy – Best Open Artwork Natalie Faulkner
AFGRI Trophy – Second Highest Points in Poultry C. Perejuan
Aileen Jupp Trophy – Second highest Decorated Cake Rachel van Rooyen
All Decor Trophy – Highest points in Vegetables Jupp Family
AM Webb Memorial Trophy – Highest Points Crochet 668-677 Maureen Drage
B & E Green Trophy – Photography – Best Portrait Tamra Vlahov
B &E Refridgeration Trophy – Craft – Highest Points U12 George McDonald
Bendigo Bank Trophy – Education – Best Creative Writing Trey Horobin
Bubbles Plumbing Trophy – Champion Hack Susan Seward
C & J Barndon Trophy – Photography – Highest Junior Under 16years Lily Pawelski
CD & KR Williamson Trophy – Education – My Chapman Valley Best Illustration Rueben Raynor
Champion Bay CWA Trophy – Cookery – Highest Decorated Cake Aileen Jupp
Champion Bay CWA Trophy – Needlework -Highest Cotton Crochet Maureen Drage
Chapman Historical Society Trophy Ella Batten
Chapman Valley Principal Trophy – Education George Mann & Anna Earl
Clare Kurt Bickers Trophy – Art – Best Picture Junior Joanna Royce
Colour Decor Trophy – Craft – Most Original Open Class Not Awarded
Creasy Family Trophy – Fruit – Highest Points Jupp Family
CV Feedlot Alkapellet PH Plus Trophy – Champ Show Hunter Lily Piesse
D & M Pike Trophy – Highest Points Potted Plants Pat McNaught
Douwana Dorper Trophy – Sheep – Highest points Feed Class CM Gould & Sons
Earl Family Trophy – Spinning – High. Points Hand Spinning Gwyneth Ingham
EBM Trophy – Art – Highest points 7 & Under Georgie Crothers
EF Smart Pty Ltd Trophy – Grand Champion Merino Ram Sandhurst
Elders Limited Trophy – Sheep – Highest Agg points in Farmers Class No Winner
FE & S Green Trophy – Art – Highest Points Youth 17-21yrs Rose Todd
FE & S Green Trophy – Farm Produce – Second highest Mrs Barbara Garnett
FE & S Green Trophy – Wool Second Highest Points CM Gould & Sons
Frank Warr Trophy – Champion Fleece other than ram CM Gould & Sons
Frank Warr Trophy – Champion Ram in Farmer’s Class No Winner
Geraldton Floral Studio Trophy – 2nd Highest Floral Arrang. Peter McNaught
Geraldton Fruit & Veg Supply Trophy – Second highest Points Lily Pawelski
Geraldton Mower & Repair Special Trophy -Champ Merino Ewe No Winner
Geraldton Spinning & Weaving Soc. – Highest Points Weaving Angela Padman
GJ & RM McNaught Trophy – Second Highest Potted Plants Peter McNaught
GM & EM Barnetson Trophy – Art – Best Entry Tayah Conti
GOPP Trophy – Craft – Highest Points U8 Georgia Crothers
Great Northern Rural Services Trophy – Best Exhibit CM Gould & Sons
GV & MF Newman Trophy – Second Highest Cut Flowers Marion Newman
Hampton Transport Trophy – Home Brew -Second Chris Prout
Helenore Farms Trophy – Education Chris Phillipa
Helenore Farms Trophy – Grains & Fodder – Highest Points CM Gould & Sons
J & D Exten Trophy – Public Favourite Brew Angela Noble
J & R Stokes Trophy – Photography – Best Landscape Ruth Highman
Jim Williamson Memorial Trophy – Champion Bushel No Winner
Jim Williamson Trophy – Photography Tamra Vlahov
John & Ceclia Norris Trophy – Cookery – Highest Points U 16 Mattea Jupp
JP & S Collingwood Trophy – Grand Champion Merino Ewe No Winner
JS Cream Memorial Trophy – Champion Pony Hack Moana Smith
K Creasy Trophy – Craft – Highest Points U16 Ella Batten
K Flanigan Trophy – Cookery – Highest points U 8 yrs Josie Drummond
Kirrilee Warr Trophy – Second Highest points Baking Aileen Jupp
Kurrajong Farm Art Trophy – Art – Highest Points 11-13yrs Ava McDonald
KW & V Farrell & Sons Trophy – Art – Highest points 8-10yrs P Healy & Anna Earl
Landmark Trophy – Champion Ewe in Farmer’s Class No Winner
Lavender Valley Farm Trophy – Champion Bloom Pat McNaught
Leon Baker Trophy – Craft – Second Highest Points Natalie Faulkner
M & B Williamson Trophy – Art – Highest Points 14-16yrs Gabby Rieck
M & M Flavel Trophy – Education – Best STEM Entry Holly Green
M & S Mincherton Trophy – Highest Points Hand Embroidery Pat Miragliotta
Maurice Webb Memorial Trophy – Art – Encouragement Award Gabby Rieck
Mazzuchelli & Sons Trophy – Cookery – Highest points Section Aileen Jupp
Mel & Natasha Forrester Trophy – Flowers – Highest Point Junoirs Matilda Patten
Member For Moore Trophy – Highest Points Tamra Vlahov
Mid West Poultry Society Trophy – Best Bird Junior J. Culloton
Midwest Centre Vet Trophy – Champion Bird Barry Stone
Mitchell & Brown Trophy- Highest Points in Baking Karen Morton
Mr & Mrs N. Simpson Trophy – Highest Points Junior Sewing C. Sojun & K O’Brien
Mr Carl Shaw Trophy – Second Highest Points Open Category Natalie Faulkner
Mr EJ Stokes Trophy – Farm Produce & Preserves – Highest Points Jupp Family
Mr Kevin Bunter Memorial Trophy – Poultry – Highest Points G & J Armstrong
Mrs Christine Blayney Trophy – Needlework – Highest Points Aileen Jupp
Mrs CT Gould Trophy – Highest Points Open Craft Jo Luxton
Mrs D Cooper Memorial Trophy – Needlework – Second Highest Points Maureen Drage
Mrs Heather Allen Trophy – Best Blowaway Sponge Karen Morton
Mrs J Pawelski Encouragement Trophy – Education George Mann
Mrs Mary Fry Memorial Trophy – Highest Points Knitting Aileen Jupp
NS & KC Kupsch Trophy – Highest Points Cut flowers Pat McNaught
Peter & Ngaire Martin Trophy – Recipient of Queen Elizabeth 2 Trophy Lilly Piese
Proudlove Family Trophy – Highest Agg Points in Open Class Daniel Gill
R & M O’Neill Trophy – Cookery – Highest points U12 Matilda Patten
Rogue Pony Supreme Saddle Exhibit Susan Seward
RSM Trophy – Highest Floral Arrangement Tracey Cuthbert
Scott Grazing & Co. Trophy Highest points Sheaves CM Gould & Sons
Scrapbook House Trophy – Highest Points Card Making Jo Luxton & Ella Batten
Scrapbook House Trophy – Highest Points Scrapbooking Veronica Still
Smith Family Trophy – Highest Points Creative Sewing Marissa Drummond
Stan Kupsch Trophy – Art – Highest Points Open Category Tamra Vlahov
Stockyard Stock Supplies Trophy – Champion Senior Rider Susan Seward
T & A Pawelski Trophy – Photography – Highest Points Black and White Tamra Vlahov
Tamra Vlahov Trophy – Photography – Highest Points Under 12yrs Jake Pawelski
The Allen Family Trophy – Education Jake Pawelski
The Thompson Family Trophy – Highest Agg points Wool DN & JR Bridgeman
Tyreright Trophy – Home Brew – Highest Points Leon Wilson
Vincent T O’Brien  Trophy – Meat Breeds Batten Family
W & R Williamson Trophy – Reserve Champion Bird C. Perejuan
Waringa Trophy – Photography – Second Highest Points Claire Culloton
WFI Trophy – Second Highest Points in Vintage Section Liz Eliott-Lockhart
WFI Trophy – Second Highest points in Section Karen Morton
Yuna CWA President Trophy – Best Scones Karen Morton
Yuna CWA Trophy – Highest points in Section Jupp Family
Yuna CWA Trophy – Highest Points Machine Sewing No Winner
Yuna CWA Trophy – Vegetables – Second Highest Points Northern Gully Gardens
Yuna Farm Improvement Group Trophy – Grain & Fodder Second High. points George Barnetson
2019 Rosette Winners Winner 2019
Rosette – Art Natalie Faulkner
Rosette – Cookery Karen Morton
Rosette – Craft Georgia Crothers
Rosette – Education Tayah Conti
Rosette – Farm Produce and Preserves Marion Newman
Rosette – Flowers Tracey Cuthbert
Rosette – Fruit Jupp Family
Rosette – Grain & Fodder CMGould & Sons
Rosette – Home Brew Leon Wilson
Rosette – Needlework Astrid Kerr
Rossette – Needlework Crochet Trish Kupsch
Rosette – Photography Tamra Vlahov
Rosette – Poultry B Stone
Rosette – Sheep Sandhurst
Rosette – Spinning & Weaving Ondrea Ward
Rosette – Vegetables Jupp Family
Rosette – Vintage Aileen Jupp
Rosette – Wool CM Goulds & Sons

Trophy Winners 2019