Entry: $1, CVAS members 50c Prizes: 1st $4 & 2nd $2 Closing Date: All entry nominations must be received by Tuesday 28th August 2018, 5.00pm. Forms may be entered online via, left prior to the closing date at the Geraldton Landmark office, or emailed to for processing. Nomination Form

Confirmation of entry will only be processed upon payment (either online or cash at Show Office by Fri 12.00pm, 31st August). Entries must be submitted by 9.30am at the Show Bar, on show day. Late entries will not be accepted.

Special Regulations:

• Each entry to consist of 1L in at least 2 bottles (eg 2x750ml or 3 375ml bottles)

• Remove all commercial labels from recycled bottles

Home Brew

Class 320 Lager
Class 321 Light Ale
Class 322 Dark Ale/Stout
Class 323 Wheat Beer