Entry: $1, CVAS members 50c Prizes: 1st $4 & 2nd $2


TBC Trophy – Highest Aggregate Points in Section

Geraldton Fruit & Veg Supply – Second Highest Points

Closing Date: All entry nominations must be received by Tuesday 28th August 2018, 5.00pm. Forms may be entered online via, left prior to the closing date at the Geraldton Landmark office, or emailed to for processing.

Confirmation of entry will only be processed upon payment (either online or cash at Show Office by Fri 12.00pm, 31st August). Entries must be submitted by 12.00pm Friday 31st August. Judging completed Friday afternoon. Late entries will not be accepted. Nomination Form

Special Regulations:

• Every exhibit must be grown by the exhibitor.

• Exhibitors must adhere to numbers and descriptions specified.

• All fruit must be uniform in size and ripe with no scale or blemishes on skin and displayed on white disposable plate.


Class 354 Oranges, Navel, 3
Class 355 Oranges, any other variety, 3
Class 356 Mandarins, any variety, 3
Class 357 Lemons, domestic value, juice, 3
Class 358 Grapefruit, any variety, 3
Class 359 Limes, any variety, 3
Class 360 Berries, any single variety, container
Class 361 Passionfruit, any variety, 3
Class 362 Collection of Fruit, any container
Class 363 Any type of fruit, not enumerated herein
Class 364 Native Bush Food
Class 365 Nuts, any variety, 6