Section D Wool.pdf

Entry: $1, CVAS members 50c

Prizes: 1st $4 & 2nd $2

Closing Date: All entry nominations must be received by Tuesday 3rd September 2019, 5.00pm.  Forms may be entered online via, left prior to the closing date at the Geraldton Landmark office, or emailed to for processing.  Confirmation of entry will only be processed upon payment (either online or cash at Show Office by Sat 7th 9.00am.

Wool must be delivered to Section by 9.30am on Show Day.

Trophies: Mulga Springs Poll Merino Trophy – Highest Aggregate Points Wool Section

FE & S Green Trophy – Second Highest aggregate Points in Wool Section

Redhill Trophy – Champion Fleece other than Ram’s Fleece

Special Regulations:

  • Fleeces must have been shorn since the last Chapman Valley Show.
  • Do not enter sheep enclosure or address the judge while judging is in place.
  • Patrons must not interfere with score cards attached to exhibits.

Method of Judging: All exhibits will be judged on the following scale of points and score

cards will be attached to each exhibit after judging. Points combine to a total out of 100.

Character Style and wool type 20pts

Handle Softness and pliancy applicable to type 14pts

Colour/Bloom Brightness necessary for top grading 10pts

Length Conformity of length throughout the fleece 14pts

Soundness Sufficient tensile strength to give the best result for combing 16pts

Evenness Uniformity of fibres throughout the fleece (eg run-off) 10pts

Density Compactness of growth, bulk and breadth for staple for type 16pts




Class 41  Two Fleeces, strong wool

Class 42  Two Fleeces, medium wool

Class 43  Two Fleeces, fine wool

Class 44  Single Fleece, strong wool

Class 45  Single Fleece, medium wool

Class 46  Single Fleece, fine wool

Class 47  Single Rams Fleece, strong wool

Class 48  Single Rams Fleece, medium wool

Class 49  Single Rams Fleece, fine wool

Class 50  Wool from one Merino lamb, 1kg in weight

Class 51  One Fleece other than Rams, judged for commercial value, unskirted belly included