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Head Steward: Phil Rumble

Stewards: Members of the Mid West Poultry Club Inc.

Entry: $1, CVAS members 50c

Prizes: 1st $4 & 2nd $2

Early Nomination Date: All entry nominations must be received by Tuesday 3rd September 2019, 5.00pm.  Forms may be entered online via, left prior to the closing date at the Geraldton Landmark office, or emailed to for processing.  Confirmation of entry will only be processed upon payment (either direct deposit or cash at Show Office by Sat 8.30am, 7th Sept 2019).

Poultry must be penned by 8.45am on Show Day.

Juniors must pen their own Poultry.

Trophies: Mr Kevin Bunter Memorial Trophy – Highest Aggregate Points in Section

Great Southern Fuel Trophy – Second Highest Aggregate Points in Section

Geraldton Stockyard Supplies Trophy – Champion Bird

W & R Williamson Trophy – Reserve Champion Bird

Mid West Poultry Society Trophy – Best Bird Exhibited by a Junior

Special Regulations:

  • All exhibits must be owned by the exhibitor
  • All entries to be penned by 8.45am for judging to commence at 9am. No late entries


  • Junior class exhibitors must show different breeds and colours to those of their parents.
  • Junior class exhibitors must pen their own poultry exhibits.
  • Ribbons are awarded to best in: Exhibit, Exhibit Opposite Sex, Heavy Breed, Light Breed,

Hard Feather, Large Bird, Soft Feather Bantam, Hard Feather Bantam, Water Fowl classes


Class 61  Australorp, male

Class 62  Australorp. female

Class 63  Sussex Light, male

Class 64  Sussex Light, female

Class 65  Silver Wyndotte, male

Class 66  Silver Wyndotte, female

Class 67  Wyandotte, A.O.C, male

Class 68  Wyandotte, A.O.C, female

Class 69  Heavy Breed, A.O.V, male

Class 70  Heavy Breed, A.O.V, female

Class 71  Plymouth Rock, male

Class 72  Plymouth Rock, female

Class 73  Rhode Island Red, male

Class 74  Rhode Island Red, female


Class 75  Ancona, male

Class 76  Ancona, female

Class 77  White Leghorn, male

Class 78  White Leghorn, female

Class 79  Hamburg A.O.C, male

Class 80  Hamburg A.O.C, female

Class 81  Silkie A.O.C, male

Class 82  Silkie A.O.C, female

Class 83  Light Breed, A.O.V, male

Class 84  Light Breed, A.O.V, female


Class 85  Hard Feather, A.O.V, male

Class 86  Hard Feather, A.O.V, female


Class 87  Black Red, male

Class 88  Wheaten, female

Class 89  Old English Game, A.O.C, male

Class 90  Old English Game, A.O.C, female

Class 91  Indian Game, A.C, male

Class 92  Indian Game, A.C, female

Class 93  Silver Duckwing, male

Class 94  Silver Duckwing, female


Class 95  Ancona, male

Class 96  Ancona, female

Class 97  Wyandotte White, male

Class 98  Wyandotte White, female

Class 99  Wyandotte, A.O.C, male

Class 100  Wyandotte, A.O.C, female

Class 101  Pekin, A.O.C, male

Class 102  Pekin, A.O.C, female

Class 103  Rose Comb, male

Class 104  Rose Comb, female

Class 105  Rhode Island Red, male

Class 106  Rhode Island Red, female

Class 107  Light Sussex, male

Class 108  Light Sussex, female

Class 109  Leghorn, A.O.C, male

Class 110  Leghorn, A.O.C, female

Class 111  Langshan, male

Class 112  Langshan, female

Class 113  Seabright, A.C, male

Class 114  Seabright, A.C, female

Class 115  Soft Feather, A.O.C, male

Class 116  Soft Feather, A.O.C, female


Class 117  Muscovy, male

Class 118  Muscovy, female

Class 119  Indian Runners, male

Class 120  Indian Runners, female

Class 121  Pekin, male

Class 122  Pekin, female

Class 123  Water Fowl, A.O.V, male

Class 124  Water Fowl, A.O.V, female


Class 125  Heavy Breed, A.V, male

Class 126  Heavy Breed, A.V, female

Class 127  Light Breed, A.V, male

Class 128  Light Breed, A.v, female

Class 129  Hard Feather, A.V, male

Class 130  Hard Feather, A.V, female

Class 131  Soft Feather, A.V, male

Class 132  Soft Feather, A.V, female

Class 133  Water Fowl, A.V, male

Class 134  Water Fowl, A.V, female