Entry: $1, CVAS members 50c, unless otherwise stated

Prizes: 1st $4 & 2nd $2, unless otherwise stated

Closing Date: All entry nominations must be received by Tuesday 28th August 2018, 5.00pm. Forms may be entered online via, left prior to the closing date at the Geraldton Landmark office or emailed to for processing.

Confirmation of entry will only be processed upon payment (either online or cash at Show Office by Fri 12.00pm, 31st August). Entries must be submitted by 12.00pm Friday 31st August. Judging completed Friday afternoon. Late entries will not be accepted.

Special Regulations:

• Every exhibit must be made by the exhibitor.

• Exhibitors must adhere to numbers and descriptions specified.

• All exhibits to be displayed on white paper plates, in clear bags to show work to best advantage (eg. oven or cellophane – no freezer bags) not sealed and free of markings. This excludes Decorated Cakes.

• Decorated Cakes judged on decorations only & must be at a maximum height of 20cm.

• Where there is a collection, items should be infirm in size and degree of cooking.

• No custard powder in sponge recipes.

• No cake rack marks on items.

• Muffins to be cooked in tins or patty pans and biscuits are to be pressed and rolled, then cut to shape.


Class 401 White bread, loaf made in bread maker
Class 402 Wholemeal Bread, loaf made in bread maker
Class 403 Bread, any other variety, oven baked
Class 404 Plain Scones, 4
Class 405 Pumpkin Scones, 4
Class 406 Sausage Rolls, homemade sausage mixture, 4
Class 407 Apple Pie, short crust pastry in dish
Class 408 Sweet Biscuits, one variety, 4
Class 409 Brownies, 4
Class 410 Cookies, mixture dropped from spoon to tray, 4
Class 411 Shortbread, not decorated, cut into triangular wedges, 4 pieces
Class 412 Boiled Fruit Cake, un-iced
Class 413 Plum Pudding
Class 414 Rich Fruit Cake, 250gm mixture
Class 415 Date & Nut Loaf
Class 416 Slice, any variety, 3 pieces
Class 417 Lemon Cake, un-iced
Class 418 Orange Cake, un-iced
Class 419 Chocolate Cake, butter mixture, round tin, un-iced,
Class 420 Ginger Cake, butter mixture, un-iced
Class 421 Banana Cake, round tin, un-iced
Class 422 Carrot Cake, round tin, un-iced
Class 423 Marble Cake, un-iced
Class 424 Muffins, sweet, 4
Class 425 Muffins, savoury, 4
Class 426 My Favourite Cake, submitted with your recipe
Class 427 Cake made by a Gent, any variety, round tin, un-iced
Class 428 Gluten Free Cake, any variety
Class 429 Butter Sponge Sandwich, no cornflour, no filling, round tin
Class 430 Blowaway Sponge Sandwich, no filling, round tin
Class 431 Rum Balls, 4
Class 432 Raw Balls, 4
Class 433 Cream Puffs, unfilled, 4
Class 434 Any other cake not enumerated herein
Class 435 CWA Special Competition – Laminton (must use recipe provided in Schedule booklet)


Class 436 Decorated Cake, novelty, iced
Class 437 Decorated Cake, formal
Class 438 Decorated Single Sponge Cake
Class 439 Decorated Small Cakes, 4
Class 440 Decorated Cake, made by a novice
Class 441 Decorated Plaque
Class 442 Wired Spray


Class 443 Plain Scones, 4
Class 444 Sponge Cake, any mixture, no filling
Class 445 Muffins, sweet, 4
Class 446 Muffins, savoury, 4
Class 447 Biscuits, one variety, mixture cut to shape, 4
Class 448 Meringues, 4
Class 449 Small Cakes, decorated, 4


Class 451 Butter Cake, un-iced
Class 452 Cup Cakes, iced and decorated, 4
Class 453 Pikelets, unbuttered, 4
Class 454 Muffins, sweet, 4
Class 455 Cookies, one variety, mixture dropped from spoon to plate, 4
Class 456 Biscuits, one variety, mixture cut to shape, 4


Class 459 Chocolate Cake, un-iced
Class 460 Pikelets, unbuttered, 4
Class 461 Muffins, sweet, 4
Class 462 Cookies, one variety, mixture dropped from spoon to plate, 4
Class 463 Iced & Decorated Milk Arrowroot Biscuits, 3
Class 464 Chocolate Crackles, 4