Competitions and Schedule of Entries

 With over 600 Classes on offer, there really is something for everyone to enter and compete in at the Chapman Valley Agricultural Show.

In every corner of the Nanson Showgrounds during Show Day there is evidence of the communities friendly rivalry and competitive spirit. From the Exhibition Hall to the Agriculture Pavilions and the main arena all on display for all to see and enjoy.

For the adults and children alike there are trophies, ribbons, certificates, pocket money and also pride to be won.

What better way to join in the fun of the Show than entering a competition and exhibiting something in the many classes …or two…or three…or four…or more entries. 

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(Available July 1 until 5pm 27 August 2024)
Note: If you cannot enter via ShowdayOnline, print out the nomination/entry form and email it to us. Details on the form.
Special Section A - 2024

International Year of Camelids

(Camels, Alpacas and Llamas)

Class 1200 Upcycled item, any item made using 2nd hand or pre-used materials.

Class 1201 Textiles, camelid products/items as a media.

Class 1202 Decorate or Colour  camel picture (see below) in your own interpretation.

Class 1203 Sculpture using Old Farm items create your own camelid, wire, tin, scrap metal as a media, exhibit not to exceed 1m x 1m.

Class 1204 Photography, Camelid.

Country Women's Assoc. of WA

(CWA Celebrating 100 years)

Class 1205 Cookery, any item from the C.W.A. Cookery Book and Household Hints (Blue Cover), include name and recipe with exhibit.

Class 1206 Needlework, any item.

Class 1207 Craft, any item, any media.

Class 1208 Vintage item, related to history of CWA.

Class 1209 Photography, Celebrating Women.