You can directly enter your exhibits into our Competition through Showday.Online

If you wish to email your Nomination form to us please do so to and we will enter them for you.

Instructions for Showday as per below.


1. Log In/ Register

You will need to Register or Login as a new user. If you have forgotten your password you can easily reset it. Personal information that you enter via online (ie email & phone numbers) we (CVAS) cannot change or update for you. For your privacy you have to maintain your correct information. If we have entered you in the system then we can easily adjust your details.
SD 1

2. Place an Entry

Click Place an Entry to Start

3. Entry Type

If you are an Individual and entering for yourself just click Individual and your name will come up. You can nominate your entry for someone else ie. a student or child.

4. Entrant Name

If you've entered previously your name will come up. If you wish to enter on behalf of a child or someone else - add new and their name will be in the record as the exhibitor. However if you are doing a couple of kids, you might need to do one child at a time for entry purposes.

5. Select Classes

You will see the name you've selected or entered and now you select the areas.

6. Exhibit Type

Please note in this system the Farm Animals is referring to Poultry, Wool and Sheep. It has put the Grain & Fodder with the Exhibition Hall entries in the Pavillion / Indoor / Display area.

7. Sections Areas

All the associated Section Areas are listed with sub-sections & classes underneath.

8. Sub Sections

If a Section has a Sub-Section you will find the classes in their allocated areas.

9. Classes

Finally you will get to the Classes. If you have multiple entries in a class you can select whatever number. You can also multiple Class Select. All this will be tallied and then an email will be sent to you with payment details, entry details and your labels.