If you would like to book a stall or exhibit at the biggest show in the Midwest please click on the buttons on the HOME page.

We do also allow a number of Non-For-Profits to have a free exhibiting space, please let us know if you believe you qualify as its thanks to our Sponsors we can offer a few spaces.

Please take note below of whether you are now classified as requiring a Temporary Food Permit for the Chapman Valley Show.

  • All food stallholders or vendors where food is intended for sale are required to apply for a Temporary Food Stall Licence when attending a market, fete, or other event within the Shire of Chapman Valley and in line with the Food Act 2008.
  • Food means meals or snack products made by the stallholder within the food stall and the event or prior to the event; that is made or grown by the stallholder or commercially made or grown; is un-packaged or pre-packaged; includes tastings of food, drinks and ice.
  • Sale means sold for money, bartered, raffled, given away to promote further trade.
  • Food businesses that are Registered as a Food Business within their local authority including the Shire of Chapman Valley need to apply for a Temporary Food Stall Licence to trade at an event as they will not be trading at their Registered location.
  • This also applies to those who make and sell food items as a ‘hobby’ or it is for a fund-raising activity. there are no exemptions to this requirement.


Secretary Peter McNaught 0404 871 511
Treasurer/Accounts Bronwyn Earl 0417 232 595
Sponsorship Coordinator Darrell Forth 0428 653 300
Entertainment Coordinator Brenda Williamson 0428 311 003
Stallholders/Vendors/Volunteers Liz Eliott-Lockhart 0427 205 069
Event Safety Officer Darrell Forth 0428 653 300
Chief Warden Peter Eliott-Lockhart 0427 884 980
Parking & Parking Volunteers Coordinator Nick Phillipa 0427 862 605


All Stall Sites must be paid in FULL prior to entry of the show.

All Vendors must adhere to their nominated site area and minimise any risk to the public ie. Ropes, electrical cords etc.  Our safety officer will be able to request removal of, or attention to potential hazards.

On the Saturday morning gate entry is from 6.30am, however Food Stalls will be encouraged to bump in on the Friday afternoon with an allocated time slot.

Trade and Food Stalls must be at the Nanson Showgrounds by 8.00am to allow enough appropriate time for all Stall Holders to set up in the correct position.

All vehicles NOT associated with your Bay Booking MUST be removed from the Stalls area.

There is a NO MOVEMENT of vehicles from 8.30am until 4.30pm.  The show officially closes at 4.00pm but we allow a half hour grace for people to exit before there is movement of vehicles.

Stalls are allowed to setup and position themselves on the Friday 1st September, between 8am-5pm, however please be aware the CVAS is not responsible for the security of items and/or vehicles whilst at Showgrounds.

All vendors, bay bookings & entertainment MUST have a valid entry ticket. Stall Holders will be able to access their one FOC ticket once confirmation of booking status (end June.)

Please familiarise yourself with the CVAS Emergency Plan, and look over the Section on Hazards and Risks that we have identified so that you are able to minimise any action by yourself.


NO vehicle movement in the trade display area between 8.30am & 4.30pm

Site Allocations:
  1. Stall applications are due by June 30th. All successful applicants will be notified by mid July  and given payment details provided to accept application.
  2. Site allocation will be provided a week from the show – however bear in mind changes can occur due to weather, non-attendance of vendors etc. The Chief Warden is in full control of this Section and their decision shall in all cases be final.
Admission into Nanson Showgrounds:
  1. All Associations are asked to notify their workers and volunteers advising them of payment on admittance to the show as set each year at the CVAS Annual General Meeting. This applies to everyone.

Note: All exhibitors, workers & volunteers must have a ticket for entry.